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Book Cover Design Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know my first ever book cover did a LOT of things wrong, but was just clickable enough to launch my entire career?

I made so many mistakes with that cover, but it did have one important thing going for it:

Ready to Create Your Author Website?

If you don’t already have a website, it’s one of the first things that any author needs, and should be the go-to place for readers to learn about you and purchase your books.

Diving into Deep POV

I’d written over 20 novels before I was introduced to the concept of Deep POV. As it turned out, I had been writing in deep point of view and hadn’t realized it. So what is deep point of view and how should it be executed?

How to Write a Great Plot Twist

A great plot twist will leave a reader stunned, their jaw working open and closed in disbelief as their mind works frantically to connect pieces of a puzzle they weren’t aware of until now.

Should you enter a writing contest?

What does it mean to be an “award-winning” author?

It depends. Similar to the “bestselling author” moniker, readers have grown unimpressed by this title, unless it comes from a highly reputable (and recognizable) source.

Your Re-release Questions Answered

Rebranding a backlist book is a common way to improve its appeal and give it fresh exposure to readers. But the idea of rebranding often raises a lot of questions. We’ve assembled the most frequently asked and answer them below.

Goodreads Tips for Authors

Goodreads has over 125M readers and some fantastic free resources and opportunities for you to promote your books.

Here are my top tips for Goodreads:

Holiday Sale Ideas

sale, discount, sales-3084174.jpg

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to…

☕ binge on pumpkin spice lattes

? put on the holiday music

? take advantage of extra earning opportunities for authors