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Do Author Blurbs Create Sales?

An author review quote is often perceived as the holy grail of cover candy – second in line to a bestseller label or that coveted Oprah or Reese book club seal. But do author blurbs really matter? And how would you go about getting one?

13 Tips to Writing Full-Time

Being a full-time author is tough. When do you make the dive? Is making the dive the right choice for you? I love writing, but there’s nothing quite as stressful as spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast. There have been years where I failed to make a profit—or a living. I am one of the lucky ones: my husband works full time, and if my job fails to pay the bills, we can make it through.

Gifts for Authors

Writers aren’t the easiest people to shop for. We rarely go out in public. We mumble a lot. Curse at fictional characters. But we do LOVE thoughtful little gifts that remind us that there is a world out there, full of people who love us, and who are willing to overlook our idiosyncrasies. Let’s dive […]

Want to sell paperbacks directly to readers?

Some authors are killing it with direct sales (we’ll report more on this soon!) but if you aren’t ready to jump into that deep end, and just want a simple way to provide signed paperbacks to readers… we wanted to share Alessandra Torre’s method.

A Rolodex of Author Services

The longer you’re in this industry, the bigger your author Rolodex grows. We took a peek at Alessandra Torre’s (our co-founder!) list and grabbed the top 15 most frequently used items to share with you.

3 Ways to Grow Your Author Platform

If you’ve done any research around publishing and marketing a book, you’ve probably heard the term “author platform” a lot. A vital part of the book launch process is building up your profile and reach. While you might already have the basics of an author platform (an author website, social media presence, and a mailing list) it can be hard to grow that budding following.

3 Plotting Techniques from K.A Linde

Bestselling authors K.A. Linde and Alessandra Torre gave an Inkers Con presentation in 2019 called Outlining for Pantsers. They shared their outlining tools, best practices, and productivity tips.