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Inkers Mini Con 2024

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11 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I am in the process of trying to figure out the steps to self publish(I think my subject matter and audience might be better suited to self publishing to that of traditional publishing) yet, I know there is a series of steps to take to do this and could use a cheat sheet and maybe a coach too.

    What steps can I take to make this happen

  2. Loved these presentations! Especially clinching a book sale in the first chapter. Learning how to dissect a chapter is invaluable! Alessandra Torres automated book sales presentation helped to fine tune my marketing process. I learned so much from these four sessions. Really worth the price!

  3. Wow, Alessandra! Thank-you! Your cheerful face, warm voice, and friendly encouragement are GOLDEN (and the info wasn’t bad either!) I started out with my Hubby, listing 31 tasks I had to do to turn on the computer and send an email. Since then, I have self-published 5 books (8 titles) with FriesenPress. My Readers give such marvelous feedback (to me surprise) and continue loyalty, as well as statistics from several libraries; I now feel confident to step further into the tech, online, and automated world. Not bad for a log-cabin girl in the mountains of BC Canada.

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