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Tag: Marketing

Do Author Blurbs Create Sales?

An author review quote is often perceived as the holy grail of cover candy – second in line to a bestseller label or that coveted Oprah or Reese book club seal. But do author blurbs really matter? And how would you go about getting one?

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How to Get Local Book Clubs to Be Your Super Fans

I recently moved and to say that I handled it in an organized and productive process would be grossly inaccurate. Instead, I alternated between running around in a Dr.Pepper-infused panic attack, stuffing things furiously into garbage bags and boxes AND curling into a ball on my bed and taking three hour naps.

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Your Re-release Questions Answered

Rebranding a backlist book is a common way to improve its appeal and give it fresh exposure to readers. But the idea of rebranding often raises a lot of questions. We’ve assembled the most frequently asked and answer them below.

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Holiday Sale Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to…

☕ binge on pumpkin spice lattes

? put on the holiday music

? take advantage of extra earning opportunities for authors

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