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Tiktok Best Practices

Alessandra Torres, NYT Bestselling Author

Have you jumped into TikTok yet? TikTok is the #1 fast-growing social media app in the world and authors have been busy joining, posting, and going viral. As a result, #BookTok is one of the biggest influencers of book sales that our industry has ever seen.

In 2022 TikTok expert Ryan Thorpe took attendees on a deep dive into the platform, breaks down what makes up a successful video, and teaches how to properly use TikTok ads.

This class was packed with actionable information, and we want to give you a peek at some of the tips Ryan shared. Here are 9 best practices for creating TikTok videos, all taken from Ryan’s class!


  • Text overlays – Use text overlays in your videos. A lot of viewers have their sound off. Using text overlays allows them to enjoy your video.
  • Focus on the benefits – Just like in a book description or ad copy, you want to focus quickly with a strong hook on why the watcher should continue watching.
  • Visual – Remember that TikTok is a visual platform and a fast-paced one. Edit out any pauses or slow moments.
  • Keep your message simple. Don’t try to cover multiple messages or ideas in a single video.
  • Follow and use trends. TikTok users thrive on trends. Use (but make appropriate or tie into your author career) trends such as music, comedy sketches, dances, and duets.
  • Speak with urgency and excitement. Users expect fast-paced information. The more excited you are in your video, the more excitement your viewer will watch with.
  • Point of View. Use POV as a watcher. An example would be to do an unboxing holding the camera back to your face – as if the viewer was experiencing the same thing.
  • Length. Best practices show 8-20 seconds is best for TikTok. The short length allows you to focus on one key message per video.
  • Frames. Use 10-25+ frames per video. The more frames (or scenes) the better for making the viewing experience feel energetic.

Ryan goes on to explain that the best ads are based on successful organic videos. Try out your videos and see what resonates with your audience. Those videos will make the best starting point for your ad creative.

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