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The Business of Authoring

Successful authors often have one common word of advice: treat your author career as the business that it is. This collection of classes is focused on that goal, with instruction that will help you to identify your goals, create strategies, and measure your success.

Learn how to improve your productivity and make smarter decisions based on data from your books and audience. You’ll complete this package with a clear focus and more confidence in how to move toward success.

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Who this program is for:

Why The Business of Authoring?

You know you need to do a better job as a business owner

Finances, processes, planning, productivity, mindset… oh my! Mastering these things was probably not why you become a writer. But let’s face it: Nailing these topics is essential to becoming a wildly successful author.

You want to feel more confident about your writing career

This program will guide you through creating your business plan, determining your personalized success metrics, and how to use real-life data to drive your business decisions. So you can operate from a place of calm confidence when it comes to running your business.

You want to accomplish more, but in less time

One of the most common struggles we hear from authors is that there “Just Isn’t Enough Time!” Use proven strategies to drastically increase your productivity… So you can be successful, while still having time for your other life priorities.

The Business of Authoring Classes

Creating Your Author Business Plan

Every author’s business should have clear goals and objectives that guide your decisions, spending, and time. This class is an interactive workshop where you will be guided through creating an author-focused business plan where you will set writing goals and strategies for the next twelve months. You’ll finish the class with a rough draft of your business plan in hand and ready for action.

Alessandra Torre, New York Times bestselling author
Terezia Barna, Business & project management expert

Author Success Metrics

In a crowded marketplace, it’s important that you find your unique place – one where success aligns with your talents, assets, capacity and motivations. In this class, you’ll learn how to gauge potential marketing and business opportunities and how to find successful avenues, based on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Instructor: Becca Syme
Writing coach and author

Using Data to Make Publishing Decisions

As an author, your two most important decisions are how to spend your time and how to spend your money. This class helps you to answer both, by teaching you how to analyze your sales, traffic and follower data. You’ll learn how to make educated and confident decisions and guage your results.

Instructors: Sarina Bowen
USA Today bestselling author

Be 400% More Productive

Learn how to increase your writing output, clear your mind, and fit more into each hour. This class will cover secrets to successful productivity, how to mitigate burnout, speed versus quality, and how to map out a schedule and stick to it. Taught by a bestselling author who writes more than a million words a year, and has managed over three dozen releases in a single year.

Instructor: Mal Cooper
New York Times bestselling author

What Authors Are Saying About
The Business of Authoring

Creating Your Author Business Plan
“This is super helpful. Thank you for the detailed information!”
Author Success Metrics
“Amazing presentation!”
DD Lorenzo
Creating Your Author Business Plan
“This really simplified how to run my business, and I love the financial templates!”
Jennifer B
Be 400% More Productive
“I loved all the actionable takeaways. Mal's presentations are always upbeat and doable. Highly recommend this one!”
Marie Schaeller
Be 400% More Productive
“This has been one of my favorite videos from this con. Thank you so much!”
Creating Your Author Business Plan
“Amazing, just what I needed and such a thorough run through of each category.”
Kate Bonham

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