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Writing That Sells

The fastest path to success is to write a book for a specific audience. You’ll have higher purchase conversion, more rave reviews, and high retention if you understand and provide what a specific group of readers want.

These presentations teach you how to identify your target audience and deliver on their expectations for long-term profitability and success.

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Why Writing That Sells?

You're ready to write books that sell more

Some books sail off the shelves while others are ignored. Why? Often the problem lies in the characters and plot lines. Learn how to write books that appeal to popular tropes, satisfy genre expectations, and earn rave reviews and referrals from readers. Writing to a specific market will help you build a loyal following that will eagerly await and support every one of your releases.

You don't feel productive or see results from your efforts

It hurts when you write a great book only to have it be ignored. You want to make sure to put your time, creative efforts, and money behind a book with appeal – but how do you know if you’re wasting your time? Learn the ideology and business strategies behind “writing to market” and how to achieve it while also writing stories that you love.

You're not finding the right audience

Each book has its own audience… or does it? It’s possible to spend hours writing a story that appeals to one audience in plot but disappoints them in delivery. Or maybe you have a story that is catnip to a specific niche but isn’t packaged and marketed to them. Learn how to identify your audience, and then write for and market to them.

Writing that Sells Classes

Plotting to Market

There’s so much discussion on how to write to market – but those conversations and education rarely focus on one of the most important elements: your novel’s plot. In this class, you’ll learn how to do market research for your genre, a method to identify the plot points in your story to hit reader expectations, and ways to nail the tropes and deliver the right beats in your story’s genre! This is a fantastic presentation that will strengthen your plotting knowledge while amplifying your book’s appeal, enjoyment, and marketability.

Instructor: Ines Johnson
6-figure bestselling author

How to Keep Readers Coming Back for More

Most readers say “author name” is the most important factor in determining whether to purchase or download a book. The good news is – you can hook a reader with just one book and create a lifelong customer – IF you can provide a satisfying experience that appeals to their core reader desires. During this class, you learn ways to use craft, branding, and marketing to attract your ideal readership, satisfy them with your book, and put yourself on the path to becoming their favorite one-click author.

Instructor: Melanie Harlow
#1 Amazon bestselling author

Finding Gold in the Market

Ever wonder how some authors strike it rich with every release? It’s because they have mastered the art of writing to market. Writing to Market isn’t about selling your soul or writing a book that matches the latest trend – it’s all about attracting the right readers to your work, without compromising the story. In this class, you’ll learn elements of a market formula, a template for success, and see examples of successes and flops – plus tips on finding your own market alignment.

Instructor: Lyz Kelley
Award-winning author

Write to Market

There’s “writing to market” and then there’s doing it correctly. This presenter reached six figures of income when she understood the first concept – then tripled her income when she mastered the second. If you’re struggling to find new readers or wondering why your books aren’t taking off, this class will bring you behind the scenes and show you a successful write-to-market process, path, and how it can change the course of your career.

Instructor: Kyla Stone
6-figure bestselling author

What authors are saying about
Writing That Sells

How to Keep Readers Coming Back for More
This has been a huge help for me in finding a direction in my writing and your strategies and concepts are exactly what I was looking for.”
Gina Rinderle
How to Keep Readers Coming Back for More
“Loved this! Lots of useful information - made simple and relatable to writing/marketing/branding. Thank you so much!”
Jennifer Noseworthy
Finding Gold in the Market
“Full of great information! Thank you for putting this together in such an easy-to-understand formula and the examples were extremely helpful to put it all into one package!”
Plotting to Market
“Loved everything about this presentation so much! Thank you!”
Rae Keaton
How to Keep Readers Coming Back for More
“Fantastic presentation, Melanie. Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed to hear, and now I'm off to do some thinking before more writing.”
Write to Market
“Great seminar. She gave a lot of useful information, and I appreciated that she wasn't afraid to show her numbers.”
S.C. Wynne

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