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Successful Storytelling

These presentations are among our attendees’ favorites – and each explore a different aspect of the novel-writing and editing process.

These classes will elevate your storytelling and help you to create more captivating novels that your readers will rave over.

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Why Successful Storytelling?

You know that your writing skill is your most important asset as an author

Successful authors continually strive to improve their writing skills and processes. After all, you can tirelessly work to promote a book, but if the storytelling is lacking… the reviews and sales will never take off. To build a healthy and profitable career, you must invest in your writing and give yourself the tools and knowledge to expand and create the ideas in your head.

You want to feel more confident about your writing

Developing engaging and memorable characters; editing your own writing; plotting captivating plots and subplots… there is so much that goes into creating an unputdownable novel! It can be easy to second-guess your abilities or grow frustrated with mental blocks and stalled stories. This program will boost your knowledge and confidence in your development, creation, and editing.

You want to captivate readers and turn them into raving fans of your work

With all the incredible authors out there, how do you make your stories stand out? Discover your voice, build incredible plots, develop memorable characters, and elevate and expand your drafts. These classes will show you how to create stories that will keep your readers begging for more.

Successful Storytelling Classes

Five Ways to Improve Your Story

What makes one story stand out from another? In this class, a New York Times bestselling author will share her five ways to improve your story’s delivery and reader enjoyment. You’ll learn how to use characters, themes, emotions, hooks, and GMC (goal, motivation, and conflict) to create stories that readers will love.

Instructors: Jennifer Probst
New York Times bestselling author

Hit Your Writing Stride

Creativity is an author’s writing fuel, and this class will help you tap into that resource and use it to generate ideas, write faster, and defeat writer’s block. In this powerful presentation, learn unorthodox writing strategies, and how to design a writing habit that is custom-built for your unique lifestyle.

Instructor: Michael La Ronn
Author of 50+ books

Consistent Characters

Authors often “wing it” when it comes to building their characters, and the result is weak and unrealistic personas that readers don’t relate to or connect with. In this class, you’ll learn how to use an easy personality typing system to create vivid characters with consistent delivery and realistic reactions, progression, and breakdowns. You’ll also uncover a well of ideas that can come from understanding how different personality types handle stress, love, fear, and success.

Instructor: Karla Sorensen
Top 10 Amazon bestselling author

Rewriting Workshop

Developmental edits can mold your rough first draft into a lively and enjoyable story. In this class, you’ll learn how to chart out your rough draft, a great way to test revisions before making them, and how to sharpen your scenes and their impact in the story. This is an energizing and exciting presentation that will fill you with ideas and the confidence to implement them.

Instructor: Tex Thompson 
Writing coach and author

What Authors Are Saying About Successful Storytelling

Five Ways to Improve Your Story
“This was fantastic! Jennifer Probst was so engaging and funny - I learned so much from this and am looking forward to implementing these tips into my current manuscript.
Loved it! :)”
Five Ways to Improve Your Story
“Wow. This helped in areas I was struggling in. Thank you so much!! Enjoyed every minute.”
Five Ways to Improve Your Story
“She was wonderful - Learned so much from her examples and insight! Her pace throughout the presentation was also great!”
Consistent Characters
“Definitely want to learn more about this and apply it to future characters! Love Karla.”
Rewriting Workshop
“This is the best presentation I've ever seen on editing and revisions. And I went to journalism school! Thanks for a great lesson, Tex!”
Lex Martin
Rewriting Workshop
“Filled with practical advice, it answered all the questions I didn't know I had to ask. It has sparked a new kind of motivation. Thank you!”
Michéle O’Connell
Rewriting Workshop
“Very interesting and engaging presentation. Loved the tips!”
Robin Danielle
Hit Your Writing Stride
“Wonderful speaker and presentation. A lot of good information about writing more efficiently and consistently.”
Hit Your Writing Stride
“I loved this so much! Could not have been better. I definitely learned some helpful things here, especially the bits about writer's block and managing your time!”
Amber Anderson

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