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Inkers Con

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What authors are saying...

"Inker's Con was the best money I have spent for my career this year, possibly ever."
Alyssa Bailey
USA Today and International Best Selling Author
"All authors, whether aspiring, new or established must attend Inkers Con... It's the best investment."
L.L. Hunter
Bestselling Author with 50+ published books
"Inkers is such an awesome conference, always learn so much and feel more energized about my writing after. "
Lisa Chalmers
Romance Author
"After 18 years in the publishing industry, with 77 books published, I signed up for my first Inkers Con and the amount of information on offer blew my mind!
I learned so much and can't wait to implement new strategies for my books. Thank you, Inkers Con."
Nicola Marsh
USA Today Bestselling and Multi Award Winning Author
"No matter where you are in your publishing career, Inkers Con has the information you need to take the next step."
Jennifer Allis Provost
Author with 40+ published books
"This was my first time attending Inkers Con, and I'm so glad I did. It went above and beyond my expectations. I've already been able to put much of what I've learned into practice. Thank you!"
Heather Marie Reaves
Author with 8 published books
"Inkers Con was so much more than what I expected. There's so much value it's hard to define what I liked the most. It answered many questions I couldn't find the answers on my own. I'd recommend it to any authors or aspiring authors."
Emmanuelle Snow
USA Today and International Best Selling Author
"What a motivating experience for this indie author"
Joanne Giacomini
Romance, Fantasy and Paranormal Author with 7 published books
"I loved everything about INKERS CON! This was my first year and I am definitely going to make it a yearly treat! I'm revamping my business and thanks to Inkers Con I have the tools I need!"
Kahlen Aymes
USA Today Bestselling Author with 21 published books

Anonymous reviews from previous attendees

“Great for anyone who is serious about turning writing into a profitable business!

“Well worth the money in exchange for the massive amount of learning. Certainly a must for older authors who need to update and information for unpublished authors.”

“Thank you!! Inkers Con was so much fun and filled with so much good information!

This conference was very professional, informative, and inspiring. I learned almost more than I could digest. I made lots of new contacts and now feel that I have the information to make well-informed decisions. Frankly, I’m not sure how I would have learned all of this on my own.

“As a first-timer to this conference, I loved having it as a digital conference. I enjoyed getting acquainted with others and how helpful everyone was to one another. The various styles of session and their content were incredible.

“A tremendous interactive conference that delivers craft, marketing, industry knowledge, and author connections that is both unique and super engaging. Not to be missed.