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Inkers Con

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Inkers Con 2024

Join the premier event for independent fiction authors

Instantly access 30 classes that will:

  • Unveil the most up-to-date business strategies employed by successful authors
  • Teach you effective methods to boost sales, monetize your art, and optimize your efforts
  • Catapult your novel-writing skills, instilling greater ease and confidence in your craft
  • Assist you in surmounting plateaus to achieve a steady and reliable income stream
  • Facilitate connections with experts and fellow authors, enabling you to build a supportive community
  • Inspire and empower you to confidently embark on the next phase of your writing career.

Free Events by Bestselling Author Alessandra Torre

Where: Online, from your computer or smart device
How Much: FREE

In this free one-hour class we’ll cover:

  • Tactics for increasing sales and the exposure of older “forgotten” books
  • Ways that older books can bring you new readers at a low acquisition cost
  • Planning strategies for continual and consistent year-round earnings
  • Why your old books are inexpensive test cases for your next release
  • How backlist titles can help segment and properly target your existing audience

*Plus a Goodreads Step-by-Step Release Plan

In this free one-hour class we’ll cover:

  • The SECRET opportunities to promote your books. I’ll share promotional opportunities that most authors aren’t even aware of – and best of all? Most of these opportunities are free!
  • A STEP-BY-STEP plan to release your novel. Go behind-the-scenes on a successful book release and see when, where, and how to promote your novel at each step of the pre-release and release process.

Frustrated with trying everything to find new readers?

Learn the latest and most impactful strategies and hacks that are working for bestselling authors in 2022.

These tips will help you:

  • Identify the fastest group advertising and reader discovery platform in 2022
  • Identify your key strengths and strategize your marketing plans
  • Understand why some books and authors are taking off
  • Get your book discovered on the top retailer in the world