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Do Author Blurbs Create Sales?

An author review quote is often perceived as the holy grail of cover candy – second in line to a bestseller label or that coveted Oprah or Reese book club seal. But do author blurbs really matter? And how would you go about getting one?

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13 Tips to Writing Full-Time

Being a full-time author is tough. When do you make the dive? Is making the dive the right choice for you? I love writing, but there’s nothing quite as stressful as spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast. There have been years where I failed to make a profit—or a living. I am one of the lucky ones: my husband works full time, and if my job fails to pay the bills, we can make it through.

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Editing Tools Reviewed

In a recent discussion with fellow authors, we got around to discussing editing tools, and what they use and love. It was an interesting discussion, and one that caused me to spend this weekend testing out the capabilities of Autocrit, Grammarly, and ProWriting Aid.

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How to Get Local Book Clubs to Be Your Super Fans

I recently moved and to say that I handled it in an organized and productive process would be grossly inaccurate. Instead, I alternated between running around in a Dr.Pepper-infused panic attack, stuffing things furiously into garbage bags and boxes AND curling into a ball on my bed and taking three hour naps.

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Help! I’m looking for a _____________!

Are you looking to hire a cover designer, editor, beta reader, book formatter, or something else? We often get emails from authors who wanting to find someone who ________________ (fill in the blank).

While we’ve worked with a lot of freelancers, someone perfect for us might not be a good fit for you, based on several factors.

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The Hook

What is your story’s hook?

There’s a lot of “rules” out there about writing, and while I abide by some of them, others I ignore. Writing is a very personal journey, and great storytelling can use different shapes and delivery methods.

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