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The Marketing Toolkit

These four classes will give you an author crash course in how to profitably package and market your novels.

These video presentations will help you to create or improve your author branding, launch a book effectively, expand your social media reach, and revitalize the sales of older novels.

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Who this program is for:

Why The Marketing Toolkit?

You know you need to do a better job at marketing

Let’s face it – you probably started your writing career to WRITE, not to become a marketer. But marketing is essential to author success and we’ll show you how to rock your marketing efforts with as little time and investment as possible.

You're focused on increasing readership & sales

You’ve spent so much time plotting, writing and editing your work. Now it’s time to get your book out into the world, and boost your visibility and income. That’s where The Marketing Toolkit comes in.

You want a quick & proven path to marketing success

This Toolkit was specifically designed by successful 7-figure authors to show you easy-to-execute and proven marketing strategies.

The Marketing Toolkit Classes

Branding Yourself & Your Novels

Your brand is a combination of factors that you present to readers and could sway their interest level, purchase decisions, and loyalty. Brand can vary among your series, and it’s important to understand the different elements of brand and how they can work together for success. Meredith Wild is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who has branded and launched two other authors to that pinnacle of success and Meredith shares her secrets in this in-depth presentation.

Instructor: Meredith Wild
#1 New York Times bestselling author

The Many Lives of a Book

Don’t give up on a book after its “failed” launch or forget about your books after they’ve been published. In this extensive and action-item packed class, a New York Times bestselling author will share ways to remarket, package and revitalize your backlist books to generate steady and consistent long-term income. You’ll leave the presentation buzzing with ideas and actions to help boost your sales (and enthusiasm) for your older titles.

Instructor: Laurelin Paige
New York Times bestselling author

Success with Standalones

While series are the touted way to success, standalone books often leave marketers scratching their heads. In this class, learn how to plan, market, and find success with a standalone novel. Whether or not you write in series or standalones – this class has been raved about as a fantastic resource for how to launch a book successfully, with an easy to understand process that you will take pages of actionable notes on.

Instructor: Kiersten Modglin
Top 10 Amazon bestselling author

Social Media Marketing for Authors

Trying to find sales and readers through social media? Learn how to choose your platform, set strategies and goals, and how to catch readers’ attention (and convert them into buyers). This presentation will go in depth on TikTok and Instagram, plus share general tips and advice for creating an online presence from a former marketer-turned-bestselling author.

Instructor: Ana Huang
#1 Amazon bestselling author

What authors are saying about The Marketing Toolkit

Success with Standalones
“This class was incredible! I finished the session with six pages of notes, a list of what I want from my career and actionable items on how to get there.”
Hillary DeVisser
The Many Lives of a Book
“Extremely informative, detailed, and well-presented!”
Brooke Blaine
The Many Lives of a Book
“This was super awesome! I have 55 books and I really did have the mindset to only focus on the new releases. Meanwhile I can resurrect my old ones. Wow!”
Kenya Wright
Branding Yourself & Your Novels
“Fantastic content! Until recently, I always thought "brand" meant only your logo. But as time has passed, I've learned it is so much more than that and this solidifies it.”
Branding Yourself & Your Novels
“Such a wonderful presentation! Thank you!”
Suze Robinson
Branding Yourself & Your Novels
“This was great and very informative!”
Success with Standalones
“One of the most helpful classes on launching and marketing that I've ever watched or been to.”
Shannon Work
Success with Standalones
“Fantastic session with loads of actionable, practical tips. And hope for us standalone authors that it is possible to succeed!”
Leonora Teale
Social Media Marketing for Authors
“Amazing training. I finally feel like I have some sort of blueprint to attack TikTok. Thank you!”
E.D. Hackett

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