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Calling Authors of All Levels

Ready to hit your next level of success?

Inkers Con has exactly what you need.

You Might Be...

Just Starting Out in Your Author Journey

Way to go! Jumping into the author world can be exhilarating (and a little scary)! We find a lot of newer authors struggle when they’re just getting started. They might be lacking confidence and missing knowledge of writing & publishing fundamentals. The amount of information to learn can seem overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be. We know you’re excited to learn and ready to be successful and you’re absolutely in the right place, here at Inkers Con.

Published & Seeking More Success

You have published at least 1 book and you’re ready to take your career to the next level. You know you need to be thinking more about marketing, advertising, and start treating your authoring as a business. You’ve probably tried various strategies but still aren’t quite achieving the results you want. You’re on the right path, and Inkers Con is absolutely what you need to increase your success and satisfaction in your career.

Advanced & Ready to Become an Expert

You’ve published a handful (or more!) of books and are very serious about your career. Now you want to refine your business processes, improve your ads, and elevate your craft skills, but are struggling to find advanced and current insights that can help you accomplish these goals. You are ready to figure out how to work smarter so that you can earn more while allowing yourself the time and enjoyment that you deserve.

Regardless of which path you find yourself on…

It can be difficult to figure out why you aren’t reaching the level of success that you and your books deserve. Often, it’s just a small missing piece of the puzzle that needs to be revealed and fit into place, and voila! Everything starts to work as it should.

This piece could be a shift in mindset, a reorganization of your finances and business spending, a redirection of your marketing and branding, or a new writing method, style, or production schedule. Some authors don’t just have one missing piece, they have several – and that’s okay too!

The good news is, with the right knowledge and implementation...

You can accomplish all of your goals.

From One Author to Another

Hi! I’m Alessandra Torre. I started writing novels with no formal training and stumbled quite a bit in the first few years of my career. Without a support system or reliable advice, I had to figure things out as I went, and I made a lot of mistakes and missed several important opportunities. In my third year of publishing, I made an important decision — to start treating my writing as a business. I realized that while I was working really, really hard… I wasn’t working smart.

And worse — I didn’t know HOW to work smart, because I had big giant gaps of knowledge.So I consciously chose to start taking the right steps. I started to learn. I invested in expert instruction, conferences, coaching, and community. 

And when I had a rockstar network and knowledge base in place, I worked with a team of conference planning and business professionals to bring Inkers Con to life. We set out to create a special curation of classes, panels, and discussions that would go on to magnify and revitalize an experienced author’s career, as well as pave a path to success for thousands of new and growing author careers. 

Every year, I hand-select and assemble the classes and curriculum that will best meet the current marketing and publishing landscape. I look at new and emerging trends, business opportunities, market conditions, and recent success stories.

We focus on topics that can make an immediate and powerful difference in an author’s product, sales, and workload. Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder… 

To build a consistent income and audience that will allow you to write full-time, or take your family on a vacation, or remove financial pressures from your life.

Whether you’re starting your first novel or publishing your 33rd, our 2022 lineup is waiting for you, and will have an immediate and powerful impact in your life.

It is time to start thinking of your author career as...

a future empire

Inkers Con will lead you toward that mindset and that future.

I believe in it 100% because I’ve seen the difference it can make, in both my career and hundreds of others. I am so confident in it that I’ve put my name and reputation behind it, and personally guarantee 100% satisfaction in your purchase. If you don’t love your Inkers Con experience, you’ll get a full money-back refund. No questions asked.

Are you ready to try something new? Are you ready to commit to yourself and to your writing and to give your books the knowledge, inspiration, and confidence that they deserve?

Great! I can’t wait to see you inside…

First let me back up a bit and tell you about the major premise this conference is built upon. We discovered that…

Every successful writer has excelled in 4 areas...





And making sure YOU have these four pillars dialed in became our core mission in helping advance writers around the world. It’s the driving force behind bringing together bestselling authors and industry experts to teach you exactly HOW to uplevel your skills and strategies in each of these four key areas.

And that’s why I’m so excited and honored to introduce you to…

Inkers Con 2022 On Demand

All classes are taught by bestselling authors and industry experts and contain eye-opening and actionable information.

This conference will:

  • Reveal the latest business strategies that successful authors are using
  • Show you how to increase sales, monetize your art and streamline efforts
  • Propel you to write better novels, with more ease and confidence
  • Help you bust through plateaus so you can earn consistent and dependable income
  • Connect you with experts and other authors so you can build your tribe
  • Motivate you to confidently take the next step in your career

What Authors Are Saying...

"Inker's Con was the best money I have spent for my career this year, possibly ever."
Alyssa Bailey
USA Today and International Best Selling Author
"All authors, whether aspiring, new or established must attend Inkers Con... It's the best investment."
L.L. Hunter
Bestselling Author with 50+ published books
"Inkers is such an awesome conference, always learn so much and feel more energized about my writing after. "
Lisa Chalmers
Romance Author
"After 18 years in the publishing industry, with 77 books published, I signed up for my first Inkers Con and the amount of information on offer blew my mind!
I learned so much and can't wait to implement new strategies for my books. Thank you, Inkers Con."
Nicola Marsh
USA Today Bestselling and Multi Award Winning Author
"No matter where you are in your publishing career, Inkers Con has the information you need to take the next step."
Jennifer Allis Provost
Author with 40+ published books
"This was my first time attending Inkers Con, and I'm so glad I did. It went above and beyond my expectations. I've already been able to put much of what I've learned into practice. Thank you!"
Heather Marie Reaves
Author with 8 published books
"Inkers Con was so much more than what I expected. There's so much value it's hard to define what I liked the most. It answered many questions I couldn't find the answers on my own. I'd recommend it to any authors or aspiring authors."
Emmanuelle Snow
USA Today and International Best Selling Author
"What a motivating experience for this indie author"
Joanne Giacomini
Romance, Fantasy and Paranormal Author with 7 published books
"I loved everything about INKERS CON! This was my first year and I am definitely going to make it a yearly treat! I'm revamping my business and thanks to Inkers Con I have the tools I need!"
Kahlen Aymes
USA Today Bestselling Author with 21 published books

Inkers Con 2022 Class Line-up


Success with Standalones

by Kiersten Modglin, bestselling psychological fiction author
While series are the touted way to success, standalone books often leave marketers scratching their heads. In this class, learn how to plan, market, and find success with a standalone novel.

Social Media for Authors

by Ana Huang, bestselling romance author and social media expert
Trying to find sales and readers through social media? Learn social media strategies, what is working in 2022, and how to catch readers' attention (and convert them into buyers) from a former marketer-turned-bestselling author.

Getting Sales on a Shoestring Budget Using the BEN-P Method

by USA Today bestselling romance author Siera London
Don't let your limited finances hold back your success. This class will teach unique tactics and strategies for marketing a new release or backlist title - all for little to no money.

Write to Market

by Bestselling apocalyptic and dystopian author Kyla Stone
Are you struggling to find new readers or wondering why your books aren't taking off? In this class, a bestselling author will bring you behind the scenes and share her write-to-market process, path, and how it changed the course of her career.

Amplifying Your Book’s Discovery on Amazon

by Publishing expert and author Dale L. Roberts
Why do some books fall directly into readers’ hands while others hide in obscurity? This class will unlock the secrets to pushing your books into a reader’s search results in this class on Amazon keywords and metadata.

Upping Your Audiobook Income

by USA Today bestselling romance author Penny Reid
Ready to expand your audience and increase your revenue streams through audio? This intensive class will dive into the production and release of an audiobook title, plus marketing and sales strategies to boost your audiobook backlist income.

Banking on Your Backlist

by USA Today bestselling romance author Elana Johnson
Don't miss out on the hidden potential of your already-released books. This class will unlock a path to make more money from the words you've already written with a few creative strategies and solid marketing tactics that can turn oldies into goldies.


Advertising Your Books on TikTok

by Ryan Thorpe, TikTok expert
Harness the power of BookTok and make it work for you, with an ad platform that is still unchartered by most authors. A TikTok expert will introduce you to the do's and don'ts of TikTok ads, and reveal the traits of ads that convert on this explosive and powerful platform.

Facebook Ads at Every Budget

by New York Times bestselling author and ads expert Malorie Cooper
Ready to improve your visibility, readership and sales? In this class, you'll learn how to get the most bang for your advertising buck - and then how to optimize and scale that spending into an ad campaign and budget with real teeth.

How to Promote Any Book with BookBub Ads

by Carlyn Robertson
Learn how to create effective ads for discounted books, new releases, audiobooks, box sets, and more. Through BookBub Ads, learn how to promote directly to readers on all major retailers, and reach BookBub's voracious audience.

Amazon Ads in 2022

by USA Today bestselling author and ads expert Elana Johnson
Tired of seeing other books shooting up the bestseller charts? Discover the 5 biggest mistakes authors make with Amazon Ads and how to fix them, so you can take control in 2022 and reach your targets and goals, all with the help of Amazon's ad platform.

Ads for Intuitive Authors

by Writing coach and author Becca Syme
Could your mentality be holding back your success with ads? In this workshop, you’ll learn what it means to be "intuitive" (more than 60% of writers are intuitive thinkers) and how to succeed with ads, using that mindset.

Untapped Advertising Outlets

by Reedsy co-founder and author Ricardo Fayet (virtual presentation)
Book advertising has been dominated by a few key players, but there are some untapped and unique places to put your advertising dollars. This class will peel back the cover on unique opportunities to improve your visibility and grow your audience while maintaining a nice return on your investment.


The Mindset of Productivity and Success

by Sarah Noffke, Fantasy bestselling author
With almost a hundred novels under her belt, Sarah Noffke has experienced every mental strain and creative hurdle. In this class, she’ll share her mindset for success, keys to productivity, and how she has built a career while navigating genre changes, co-authors, distractions, and doubts.

Author Success Metrics

by Writing coach and romance author Becca Syme
Every author's success metrics should be different. This class will unlock how to understand your personality pattern and use that knowledge to customize your marketing to prioritize strategies and tactics that fit your strengths.

Creating Your Author Business Plan

by Business expert Terezia Barna and Romance/Suspense author Alessandra Torre
The fastest way to reach your goals is with a clear and direct plan. In this class, a business expert and a bestselling author will team up to teach a framework that will allow you to organize your thoughts, plan out your year, identify potential growth opportunities, and streamline your efforts.

Multiplying Your Success With a Co-Author

by Romance authors Rochelle Paige and Lyra Parish
Two authors will share their creative processes, money and business setups, and how to merge brands and expand your readership through co-writing.

Inside the Career Author Vault

by Alessandra Torre, Shayla Black, Elana Johnson, Kyla Stone, Ines Johnson, Nick Thacker, Malorie Cooper, Sarah Noffke
Our stage will be filled with authors who have each published over 20 novels, established large and loyal followings, and receive enough consistent income from their backlist to allow for retirement (not that they are putting down their keyboards anytime soon!). Learn how each of them built their careers, the key advice they would share with fellow authors, and the mistakes and stumbling blocks that they warn away from.

Insights from Kobo: Successful Strategies for Publishing Wide in 2022

by Tara Cremin
Publishing wide doesn’t have to be daunting. Kobo’s here to share their latest learnings of how authors are finding success on their global platform, Kobo Writing Life. Gain insights into marketing strategies that work, find out what promotional opportunities are available to authors publishing direct, and learn how Kobo is making it easy for authors to reach new readers by offering non-exclusive terms for subscription content.

How Draft2Digital is Growing For You

by Kevin Tumlinson, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Draft2Digital
In March 2022, Draft2Digital acquired Smashwords—one of the first and largest ebook publishing and distribution platforms. With that merger of the two top companies in this space, the landscape for indie authors and publishers instantly changed. Learn how this consolidation will create new opportunities and open new doors for authors everywhere.


Setting up a Series

by USA Today bestselling mystery author Sara Rosett, award-winning romance author Jami Albright, and USA Today bestselling fantasy author Kimbra Swain.
Writing a series can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. In this class, three authors will walk through the stages of plotting, planning, and execution of a series and share their actionable tips and insights.

Plotting to Market

by Ines Johnson, Bestselling Fantasy and Romance author
Do you struggle to piece together and formulate a plot, or want to expand your idea and plotting knowledge base? In this class, learn to do the market research for your genre, identify the plot points to hit reader expectations, nail the tropes, and march to the right beats in your story's genre!

Perfecting Your Prose

by Writing coach and editor Tex Thompson
Turn your good book into a great one and amplify your storytelling with natural, beautiful language that won't lose or bore the reader. Learn how to tighten and enhance your narrative in a way that will draw readers into your story and hold them there.

Dealing with Dialogue

by Bestselling author and speaker Shayla Raquel
Don't stress anymore over dialogue! Discover how to strengthen your dialogue and unbottle emotions with physical signals, internal cues, mental responses, and more.

Crafting Great Characters

by Science Fiction and Fantasy author Michael La Ronn
Weak characters are often where a great plot can fail to deliver. In this class, learn a system for building unforgettable and engaging characters, what to put (and not to put) on the page, and how using human psychology can be a writer’s best-kept secret.

Write a (Good) Novel on Your Schedule and Without Outlining

by Author and writing coach Mary Adkins (virtual presentation)
Learn to write a strong first draft of your book without overturning your life or quitting your job. HarperCollins novelist Mary Adkins will teach you the most important exercise you need to do before you start (whether you haven't written since 6th grade or have an MFA in creative writing), why you DON'T need to outline (and why doing so limits you and your book), and her Four Notebooks Method for writing a better novel draft, faster.

Books Their Brains Will Love

by Amazon #1 bestselling author Melanie Harlow (virtual presentation)
Our brains are wired to love good storytelling. Understanding how readers engage with stories can be reverse-engineered to make your novels addictive and impossible to put down. This class will dive into what neuroscience and psychology have taught us and how to apply this to your writing, with actionable real-life examples.

The 4 Pillars Of Successful Authoring


Learn the latest in marketing strategies and opportunities for book exposure, audience growth, author branding, and positioning in the marketplace.

The courses & roundtables will give you the confidence and proven methods for improving your marketing strategies, showing you how to:


One of the best things I did for myself was to start treating my writing as a business. Receive expert guidance that will give you the tools and strategy to do the same, covering topics like:


Understand how to use paid advertising properly to grow your reach, sales, and audience. Experts in various ad platforms will teach you book-specific advertising strategies.


Be confident in your skills in character development, storytelling, readability, worldbuilding, and voice. You will learn to write more confidently, competently, and with more speed and ease. Inkers Con 2022 covers topics like:

As Featured In

"Inkers Con... It's The Best Investment!"

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Your Inkers Con Access Includes:

7 Marketing Courses Including:
8 Business Courses Including:
6 Advertising Courses Including:
7 Craft Courses Including:
14 Q&As With Bestselling Authors Including:
30+ Author Roundtables On Topics Including:
You'll Have The Opportunity To Hear From:

You can get started now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone joins Inkers Con at a different point in their career. We have new authors who are building their foundation and want the best information right from the start. We also have authors with dozens (the highest we’ve heard so far is 110) of books who are refining their craft and advancing their marketing. It is never too late or too early to join Inkers Con. Plus, with six years of access you can grow and access the content you need when you’re ready for it.

Get excited! You’ll get immediate access to all 27 classes. Each class includes a written transcript and audio file so you can listen on the go. You can watch the classes in any order, and at any time you’d like, during the next six years.

We hear you – your time is valuable. We’re going to help you make sure the time you devote is focused on the right activities to take your sales and writing to the next level. We recommend setting aside one hour per week for watching a class and implementing what you learn. We can all find an hour to improve our careers!

You can choose from a 1-time investment of $249 or 2 monthly installments of $125.

You can absolutely write, publish and market your books without any help, or just using assorted free trainings out there. To be frank, it will most likely take you quite a bit longer though.

We believe so strongly that you’ll learn and see an increase in your sales based on these classes that we’re proud to offer a 30 day 100% money-back “no questions asked” guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve learned something new that will expand your business and increase sales – just reach out to Terezia at and we will refund you right away. There is no risk to try the conference out.

You will have full access to all of the classes listed on the conference lineup, plus any recorded roundtables, Q&As, transcripts and audio files for six years from the date of purchase. You’ll have plenty of time to absorb and implement the awesome information. Plus, you can rewatch them as many times as you want.

It’s Time For Some Real Talk...

Let’s take a peek into what not joining Inkers Con might look like…

You’ve probably watched YouTube videos (no judgment – there are some great resources there) or gotten advice from author Facebook groups and found some things that work for you. You’ve tried out different marketing activities but you are not sure which one to focus on, or which ones are working. You might be so frustrated with the business side of writing that you sometimes think “I just want to write”. Staying on that path often leads to a dead end.

Between you and I – I’ve created this conference for authors that are stuck… I want you to break free of that rut and become confident in your writing and your ability to promote and sell your books. I want you to feel empowered to make marketing, advertising, and business decisions with concrete actionable information. Your investment into Inkers Con is a direct path to the understanding and confidence you need to take your career to the next level. I bet you’ve been thinking about how to boost your writing career (you wouldn’t have found us if not) and aren’t sure where to turn. I was in the same place when I created Inkers Con – looking for guidance I could trust.

I’m so proud of the list of speakers and classes we offer, and these classes changed the way I approach my books and my business. It’s a wealth of information, examples, and tips that every indie author needs to be able to confidently make decisions and create incredible novels. The knowledge I gained from these classes changed the way I approached my books and my business: I worked smarter, wrote more effortlessly, and made spending decisions with confidence. It felt amazing!

I genuinely want you to be successful.

So right now, I see that you have two paths to choose from… Will you continue the same efforts, struggle with the same problems, and have a similar level of sales and success? Or will you arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to boost your business, income, and writing in incredible ways?

If you set aside an hour per week (just one hour!) and watch one Inkers Con class, in six months you’ll be a more talented, business-savvy, and confident author. You’ll have the knowledge you need to make big and powerful changes in your writing, marketing, and branding. Are you ready to make the next six months the best six months of your author career? With our 100% money-back guarantee and six years of access, you are at no risk to jump right in. I’ll see you on the inside.

We Anonymously Surveyed past Inkers Con Digital Attendees

“Great for anyone who is serious about turning writing into a profitable business!

“Well worth the money in exchange for the massive amount of learning. Certainly a must for older authors who need to update and information for unpublished authors.”

“Thank you!! Inkers Con was so much fun and filled with so much good information!

This conference was very professional, informative, and inspiring. I learned almost more than I could digest. I made lots of new contacts and now feel that I have the information to make well-informed decisions. Frankly, I’m not sure how I would have learned all of this on my own.

“As a first-timer to this conference, I loved having it as a digital conference. I enjoyed getting acquainted with others and how helpful everyone was to one another. The various styles of session and their content were incredible.

“A tremendous interactive conference that delivers craft, marketing, industry knowledge, and author connections that is both unique and super engaging. Not to be missed.

"Inkers Con is invaluable! Not only do I learn but it keeps the love of writing alive!"
- Cassidy Bratter

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2 Payments