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Calling Authors of All Levels

Ready to hit your next level of success?

Inkers Con has exactly what you need.

Welcome to Inkers Con 2023 – the ultimate learning bundle for independent fiction authors! With 30 dynamic classes led by top experts, 40 roundtables covering hot author topics, and exclusive recorded Q&A sessions with best-selling authors, you’re in for a transformative experience.

Craft, business, marketing, and advertising – we’ve got it all covered. Whether you’re looking to refine your writing skills, navigate the publishing world, or amplify your reach, Inkers Con 2023 equips you with practical insights and strategies.

But it’s not just about learning – it’s about motivation. Surround yourself with like-minded authors, absorb expert knowledge, and ignite your writing journey.

Ready to take your career to the next level? Grab access to Inkers Con 2023 and unlock your full potential as an independent fiction author.

What Authors Are Saying...

"Inker's Con was the best money I have spent for my career this year, possibly ever."
Alyssa Bailey
USA Today and International Best Selling Author
"All authors, whether aspiring, new or established must attend Inkers Con... It's the best investment."
L.L. Hunter
Bestselling Author with 50+ published books
"Inkers is such an awesome conference, always learn so much and feel more energized about my writing after. "
Lisa Chalmers
Romance Author
"After 18 years in the publishing industry, with 77 books published, I signed up for my first Inkers Con and the amount of information on offer blew my mind!
I learned so much and can't wait to implement new strategies for my books. Thank you, Inkers Con."
Nicola Marsh
USA Today Bestselling and Multi Award Winning Author
"No matter where you are in your publishing career, Inkers Con has the information you need to take the next step."
Jennifer Allis Provost
Author with 40+ published books
"This was my first time attending Inkers Con, and I'm so glad I did. It went above and beyond my expectations. I've already been able to put much of what I've learned into practice. Thank you!"
Heather Marie Reaves
Author with 8 published books
"Inkers Con was so much more than what I expected. There's so much value it's hard to define what I liked the most. It answered many questions I couldn't find the answers on my own. I'd recommend it to any authors or aspiring authors."
Emmanuelle Snow
USA Today and International Best Selling Author
"What a motivating experience for this indie author"
Joanne Giacomini
Romance, Fantasy and Paranormal Author with 7 published books
"I loved everything about INKERS CON! This was my first year and I am definitely going to make it a yearly treat! I'm revamping my business and thanks to Inkers Con I have the tools I need!"
Kahlen Aymes
USA Today Bestselling Author with 21 published books

Inkers Con 2023 Class Line-up


Creating a Thriving Email List with Automation

by Holly Darling
An email welcome automation isn’t just an item on your to-do list, it could be a mini marketing machine, one that continually provides you with sales, referrals, reviews, and engagement with your readers. In this class, you’ll learn a framework of engagement, the do’s and don’ts of automation, and how to create a custom experience for your readers inside your welcome sequence. 

Building a Sustainable Seven-Figure Business

by Catharina Maura
A #1 Amazon bestselling author will share her roadmap to success, which includes optimization of your product, sales tactics and strategies, and how to level up once you find your audience.

TikTok for the Win

by Kat T. Masenn
With over a billion users, the impact of TikTok on the book world can’t be ignored. But what if you hate being on camera and don’t have the creative energy to tackle another social media platform? Author Kat T. Masen will share her strategies and insights and show how she reached phenomenal success through TikTok.

Building a Bestseller

by L.T. Ryan
The best writing and fantastic plots can still fall flat with readers if they aren’t executed properly. In this class, learn from a seven-figure bestselling author who will share pre-development, writing, and marketing decisions that can impact a book’s success. Lee will take you behind the scenes and show real-life examples and the results.

Better Readthrough and Higher Royalties

by Quinn Ward
Readthrough in your series is crucial and directly affected by the strength of your back matter. In this class, you’ll learn strategies and tactics for increasing your readthrough by optimizing your back matter. You’ll leave this class with a clear idea of what to fix with your current books and how to approach back matter to maximize your readthrough and royalties.

Elements of Click-worthy Cover Design

by Rebekah Haskell
Is your book cover drawing in readers or pushing them away? In this class, learn what should be your number one consideration when designing a cover and what elements are important in triggering sales. Whether you’re an author looking to work more effectively with a design professional, or an aspiring designer yourself, this class will help you make educated decisions and accurately judge your current covers.

Effectively Marketing Your Backlist

by Golden Angel
Do you struggle with marketing, especially when it comes to older books and series? Many authors focus on their new releases and ignore their backlist, but your backlist can help keep your income steady, and many authors say it makes up the bulk of their income! Learn how to analyze your data to make effective marketing decisions for your backlist, the power of free books and sales, and the differences between marketing wide versus Kindle Unlimited books.

The Strategies Behind a Successful Book Launch

by Ricardo Fayet
The first few weeks after launch are often the key to a book's lifelong success. To maximize your sales in that crucial period, you need a perfect product page, pristine metadata, and a proper strategy to tickle the retailers' algorithms. In this workshop, Reedsy's co-founder Ricardo Fayet will show you how to craft and execute the perfect launch plan to bring your next release to new heights.


Starting Facebook Book Ads from Scratch

by Malorie Cooper
Facebook ads can be intimidating (and expensive!) if you don’t know where to begin. In this class, a Facebook ads expert will start with the basics and explain audiences, ad setup and creation, and how to start small and grow from there. (virtual presentation)

My Facebook Ads are Failing

by Malorie Cooper
If you just can’t get Facebook ads to perform or their performance is abysmal – this class is for you! A Facebook ads expert will help you to do an audit of your ads, offer strategies to reboot and improve their performance, and address potential culprits to your success.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a $90,000+ Royalty Month with Amazon Ads

by Bryan Cohen
What can we learn from massive success stories with Amazon Ads? In this class, Amazon Ads expert Bryan Cohen will break down an author’s $90,000+ royalty month where ads were the primary promotional method. By sharing how the author reached this point and the nitty-gritty details of their massive month, you’ll discover how to start ads, grow ads, and how to take them way past your current ceiling of royalties.

Mastering the Art of Ad Strategy

by Bonnie Paulson
This is an interactive “how to” workshop that will help you to create a personalized ad strategy that works for you. You’ll take actionable steps to create a plan completely customizable for you and your books. Learn how to take control of what’s important and apply what’s working. This strategy building can apply to any budget and any genre.

8 Tips for Running Better BookBub Ads Campaigns

by Carlyn Robertson
With a captive audience of voracious readers, BookBub can be one of the most powerful avenues for book advertising. In this presentation by a BookBub representative, you’ll learn 8 actionable tips that will help you create profitable campaigns, increase the performance of existing ads, and avoid common mistakes with BookBub Ads.


Selling Directly to Your Readers

by Katie Cross
One of the best ways to build loyalty and grow independent income streams is through direct sales. A six-figure author will break down the process and share valuable tips on how to run traffic to and through your website, engage readers with a 1:1 relationship, how to sell off retailers, and tactics for finding and keeping an audience.

Activate and Align your Author Success

by Renee Rose and Carissa Andrews
Could your thoughts be holding your success at bay? Moving past success blocks can make a huge difference in selling books, self-promotion, defeating writer’s block, and opening up the flow of creativity. Learn how to leverage the Law of Attraction and other manifestation techniques in order to elevate your author career to the next level.

Productivity Tips & Juggling It All

by Kristen Granata and Deann Powell (writing as Diana Xarissa)
Whether you’re a full-time author or juggling three jobs, it seems like there’s never enough time to get everything done – plus get in your needed word count! If you’re struggling with time management, focus, and stress levels, this class will help you prioritize, segment, and maximize the time you have. Taught by two high-powered and successful authors, you’ll leave this class feeling more confident and capable of managing your schedule.

Sharing the Secrets of Success

(by Jonathan Brazee, Alessandra Torre, Ines Johnson, and Diana Xarissa)
Ever wish you could sit down with a top-selling author and get their top advice? Five bestselling authors each share their unique journey to success and what they do to maintain it. In addition, they will each do a deeper dive into a specialized focus or tip that they find crucial to their success.

KDP Select AND Multiple Streams of Income

by Misty M. Beller
Though Amazon’s KDP Select program is often profitable enough to lure authors into the ebook exclusivity it requires, it IS possible to use that program and build enough other streams of income so all your eggs are not in the Kindle Unlimited basket. Misty will share the non-ebook revenue streams and multiple advertising drivers she’s used to build income of nearly $500,000 this year—over half of which is not from KU page reads.

Road Repair: How to Stay in Your Lane Without Getting Stuck in a Rut

by Melanie Harlow
We know staying in our lane is the best way to meet reader expectations, build a loyal following, and become a one-click author. But what happens when the landscape around you shifts? How can we stay consistent without becoming stagnant? How can we breathe new life into our brands (and avoid burnout) without alienating our most loyal fans? This presentation will include a deep dive into reader expectations, help authors without a lane get on the right path, and show real examples of how this bestselling author has updated her lane in the last year–and why.

Growing Your Readership with Kobo: Using Kobo Plus to Reach a New Audience

by Laura Granger
Gain insights into Kobo’s non-exclusive subscription program, Kobo Plus, and find out how subscriptions are tapping into a new global readership and increasing author earnings. Plus, learn about the opportunities Kobo offers writers, including direct audiobook upload, library distribution, retail partnerships, and unique promotions.

Picking Your Path: A Real-Life Comparison of Traditional Versus Independent Publishing

by Mary Adkins
Choosing your publishing path can be daunting, especially when you don’t have all of the information: traditional publishing is notorious for keeping the details of the industry close to its chest, and some authors flourish with independent publishing while others struggle to get a return on their investment. In this workshop, 3-time bestselling novelist Mary Adkins will get real about the pros and cons of traditional vs. independent publishing, the reasons that led her to go traditional for her novels but consider going independent for her upcoming memoir, and the critical factors to weigh as a writer when choosing a publishing path.


Writing Your Way to 7-Figure Fiction

by Theodora Taylor
There is a secret sauce to writing successful books, and it’s all about using universal human desires and motivation to hook readers and give them a satisfying experience that they will rave about. Learn how to write what you love, run your author business your way, and make raving fans out of your readers.

Focus on Story Issues

by Jen Graybeal
Stuck in the midst of your story? Do you have a great novel you’ve abandoned because you couldn’t get through it? This class dives into brain chemistry and the science of frustration. You’ll learn how to examine the layers of a story to figure out what is missing/not working/what should happen next. Dust off those deserted manuscripts or reattack your writer’s block with confidence – this class will give you the confidence and knowledge to work through your next stall.

Worldbuilding for Any Genre

by Leslye Penelope
Creating unique, fully realized environments that readers will want to get lost in is not just a skill for fantasy or science fiction writers. No matter what time period or location your stories are set in, mastering fictional worldbuilding is key for reader delight. Learn techniques any author can use to bring your setting to life.

Pants Optional

by Kate Hawthorne and Annabeth Albert
Are you a pantser or a plotter? It doesn’t matter – this class is built for both! From the basics of planning a publishing schedule to more in-depth topics like getting your story off the ground, developing meaningful character arcs, setting the pace, and facing the dreaded bleak moment, two career authors (one a pantser and the other a detailed plotter) will share tips and tricks from opposite ends of the craft that have worked for them.

Stealing Secrets from Screenwriting: How to Make Your Book Bingeworthy

by Ines Johnson
In television – every scene matters and if you don’t hook the viewer and keep them engaged, you’ll lose them to another channel. The secret to success is in the writing – and an ex-screenwriter-turned-bestselling author is sharing all of her secrets of screenwriting in this c23 lass. Learn how to weave in multiple storylines, use leads, sequels, and buttons, and the best character archetypes like the red shirt to answer story questions and open closed doors for the sequel.

Advanced Story Structure: Craft a Satisfying Plot

by Alex Lidell
Have you noticed that a joke punchline feels “right” when it comes on the third beat, but not on second or fourth? Same is true for plots – there is a beat cadence that makes the story feel satisfying. Learn and practice it in this workshop! This is is BYOP (Bring Your Own Plot) workshop, so you can practice the technique on your own story. Plotters and pantsters are equally welcome.

The How of Creativity

by Jeff Wheeler
Creativity is a muscle, and there are exercises you can do to strengthen and develop it. In this class, you’ll learn creativity tips from The Hunger Games, Pixar Studios, Stephen King, Andrew Carnegie, and a famous fighter pilot. Learn where creativity comes from, so you can always have a steady supply of it.

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"Inkers Con... It's The Best Investment!"

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Your Inkers Con Access Also Includes:

14 Q&As With Bestselling Authors Including:
  • Pamela Kelley
  • Rachell Wesson
  • LJ Andrews
  • Matt Dinniman
  • Colette Clark
  • Alex Sigmore
  • Alessandra Torre
  • SW Hubbard
  • Catharina Maura
  • Elsie Sliver
  • J.T Geissinger
  • Neva Altaj
  • Holly Darling
  • Melanie Harlow
  • Bonnie Paulson
30+ Author Roundtables On Topics Including:
  • Wide vs KU: Making an Informed Decision
  • The 6-Figure Author You Have Never Heard of
  • Successfully Launching on Kickstarter
  • Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Authors
  • 5 Things You Can Do to Maximize Your Advertising Efforts
  • BookVault- Empowering independent authors through direct sales
  • How to Create Your Own Card Desk
  • Mastering Your Social Media Strategy
  • Why We Belong: How the psychology of groups drives your marketing and sales
  • Using Instagram for Book Sales
  • Email Deliverability Workshop & Assessments
  • Books Not Selling? Pinpointing Problems in the Publishing Pipeline
  • How to use BookFunnel for Direct Sales
  • From Meet Cute to Meet Awesome
  • How to pick the right cover for your genre
  • Building a Brand as an Author Who Craves Variety
  • Formatting Text Messages in Vellum
  • Making Feedback Your Friend: How to Use Feedback Productively
  • Branding Canva Templates
  • Abundance Mindset and Manifestation
  • Word Count Hacking–How to increase your daily word count and hit your deadlines!
  • Networking with Local Bookstores
  • How to Use Lulu for Direct Sales
  • Crafting a Compelling Cozy Mystery

You can get started now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone joins Inkers Con at a different point in their career. We have new authors who are building their foundation and want the best information right from the start. We also have authors with dozens (the highest we’ve heard so far is 110) of books who are refining their craft and advancing their marketing. It is never too late or too early to join Inkers Con. Plus, with six years of access you can grow and access the content you need when you’re ready for it.

Get excited! You’ll get immediate access to all 27 classes. Each class includes a written transcript and audio file so you can listen on the go. You can watch the classes in any order, and at any time you’d like, during the next six years.

We hear you – your time is valuable. We’re going to help you make sure the time you devote is focused on the right activities to take your sales and writing to the next level. We recommend setting aside one hour per week for watching a class and implementing what you learn. We can all find an hour to improve our careers!

You can choose from a 1-time investment of $249 or 2 monthly installments of $125.

You can absolutely write, publish and market your books without any help, or just using assorted free trainings out there. To be frank, it will most likely take you quite a bit longer though.

We believe so strongly that you’ll learn and see an increase in your sales based on these classes that we’re proud to offer a 30 day 100% money-back “no questions asked” guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve learned something new that will expand your business and increase sales – just reach out to Terezia at and we will refund you right away. There is no risk to try the conference out.

You will have full access to all of the classes listed on the conference lineup, plus any recorded roundtables, Q&As, transcripts and audio files for six years from the date of purchase. You’ll have plenty of time to absorb and implement the awesome information. Plus, you can rewatch them as many times as you want.

You Might Be...

Just Starting Out in Your Author Journey

Way to go! Jumping into the author world can be exhilarating (and a little scary)! We find a lot of newer authors struggle when they’re just getting started. They might be lacking confidence and missing knowledge of writing & publishing fundamentals. The amount of information to learn can seem overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be. We know you’re excited to learn and ready to be successful and you’re absolutely in the right place, here at Inkers Con.

Published & Seeking More Success

You have published at least 1 book and you’re ready to take your career to the next level. You know you need to be thinking more about marketing, advertising, and start treating your authoring as a business. You’ve probably tried various strategies but still aren’t quite achieving the results you want. You’re on the right path, and Inkers Con is absolutely what you need to increase your success and satisfaction in your career.

Advanced & Ready to Become an Expert

You’ve published a handful (or more!) of books and are very serious about your career. Now you want to refine your business processes, improve your ads, and elevate your craft skills, but are struggling to find advanced and current insights that can help you accomplish these goals. You are ready to figure out how to work smarter so that you can earn more while allowing yourself the time and enjoyment that you deserve.

Regardless of which path you find yourself on…

It can be difficult to figure out why you aren’t reaching the level of success that you and your books deserve. Often, it’s just a small missing piece of the puzzle that needs to be revealed and fit into place, and voila! Everything starts to work as it should.

This piece could be a shift in mindset, a reorganization of your finances and business spending, a redirection of your marketing and branding, or a new writing method, style, or production schedule. Some authors don’t just have one missing piece, they have several – and that’s okay too!

The good news is, with the right knowledge and implementation...

You can accomplish all of your goals.

From One Author to Another

Hi! I’m Alessandra Torre. I started writing novels with no formal training and stumbled quite a bit in the first few years of my career. Without a support system or reliable advice, I had to figure things out as I went, and I made a lot of mistakes and missed several important opportunities. In my third year of publishing, I made an important decision — to start treating my writing as a business. I realized that while I was working really, really hard… I wasn’t working smart.

And worse — I didn’t know HOW to work smart, because I had big giant gaps of knowledge.So I consciously chose to start taking the right steps. I started to learn. I invested in expert instruction, conferences, coaching, and community. 

And when I had a rockstar network and knowledge base in place, I worked with a team of conference planning and business professionals to bring Inkers Con to life. We set out to create a special curation of classes, panels, and discussions that would go on to magnify and revitalize an experienced author’s career, as well as pave a path to success for thousands of new and growing author careers. 

Every year, I hand-select and assemble the classes and curriculum that will best meet the current marketing and publishing landscape. I look at new and emerging trends, business opportunities, market conditions, and recent success stories.

We focus on topics that can make an immediate and powerful difference in an author’s product, sales, and workload. Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder… 

To build a consistent income and audience that will allow you to write full-time, or take your family on a vacation, or remove financial pressures from your life.

Whether you’re starting your first novel or publishing your 33rd, our 2023 lineup is waiting for you, and will have an immediate and powerful impact in your life.

It is time to start thinking of your author career as...

a future empire

Inkers Con will lead you toward that mindset and that future.

I believe in it 100% because I’ve seen the difference it can make, in both my career and hundreds of others. I am so confident in it that I’ve put my name and reputation behind it, and personally guarantee 100% satisfaction in your purchase. If you don’t love your Inkers Con experience, you’ll get a full money-back refund. No questions asked.

Are you ready to try something new? Are you ready to commit to yourself and to your writing and to give your books the knowledge, inspiration, and confidence that they deserve?

Great! I can’t wait to see you inside…

First let me back up a bit and tell you about the major premise this conference is built upon. We discovered that…

Every successful writer has excelled in 4 areas...





And making sure YOU have these four pillars dialed in became our core mission in helping advance writers around the world. It’s the driving force behind bringing together bestselling authors and industry experts to teach you exactly HOW to uplevel your skills and strategies in each of these four key areas.

And that’s why I’m so excited and honored to introduce you to…

Inkers Con 2023 On Demand

All classes are taught by bestselling authors and industry experts and contain eye-opening and actionable information.

This conference will:

  • Reveal the latest business strategies that successful authors are using
  • Show you how to increase sales, monetize your art and streamline efforts
  • Propel you to write better novels, with more ease and confidence
  • Help you bust through plateaus so you can earn consistent and dependable income
  • Connect you with experts and other authors so you can build your tribe
  • Motivate you to confidently take the next step in your career

It’s Time For Some Real Talk...

Let’s take a peek into what not joining Inkers Con might look like…

You’ve probably watched YouTube videos (no judgment – there are some great resources there) or gotten advice from author Facebook groups and found some things that work for you. You’ve tried out different marketing activities but you are not sure which one to focus on, or which ones are working. You might be so frustrated with the business side of writing that you sometimes think “I just want to write”. Staying on that path often leads to a dead end.

Between you and I – I’ve created this conference for authors that are stuck… I want you to break free of that rut and become confident in your writing and your ability to promote and sell your books. I want you to feel empowered to make marketing, advertising, and business decisions with concrete actionable information. Your investment into Inkers Con is a direct path to the understanding and confidence you need to take your career to the next level. I bet you’ve been thinking about how to boost your writing career (you wouldn’t have found us if not) and aren’t sure where to turn. I was in the same place when I created Inkers Con – looking for guidance I could trust.

I’m so proud of the list of speakers and classes we offer, and these classes changed the way I approach my books and my business. It’s a wealth of information, examples, and tips that every indie author needs to be able to confidently make decisions and create incredible novels. The knowledge I gained from these classes changed the way I approached my books and my business: I worked smarter, wrote more effortlessly, and made spending decisions with confidence. It felt amazing!

I genuinely want you to be successful.

So right now, I see that you have two paths to choose from… Will you continue the same efforts, struggle with the same problems, and have a similar level of sales and success? Or will you arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to boost your business, income, and writing in incredible ways?

If you set aside an hour per week (just one hour!) and watch one Inkers Con class, in six months you’ll be a more talented, business-savvy, and confident author. You’ll have the knowledge you need to make big and powerful changes in your writing, marketing, and branding. Are you ready to make the next six months the best six months of your author career? With our 100% money-back guarantee and six years of access, you are at no risk to jump right in. I’ll see you on the inside.

We Anonymously Surveyed past Inkers Con Digital Attendees

“Great for anyone who is serious about turning writing into a profitable business!

“Well worth the money in exchange for the massive amount of learning. Certainly a must for older authors who need to update and information for unpublished authors.”

“Thank you!! Inkers Con was so much fun and filled with so much good information!

This conference was very professional, informative, and inspiring. I learned almost more than I could digest. I made lots of new contacts and now feel that I have the information to make well-informed decisions. Frankly, I’m not sure how I would have learned all of this on my own.

“As a first-timer to this conference, I loved having it as a digital conference. I enjoyed getting acquainted with others and how helpful everyone was to one another. The various styles of session and their content were incredible.

“A tremendous interactive conference that delivers craft, marketing, industry knowledge, and author connections that is both unique and super engaging. Not to be missed.

"Inkers Con is invaluable! Not only do I learn but it keeps the love of writing alive!"
- Cassidy Bratter

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2 Payments