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Category: Networking

How to Get Local Book Clubs to Be Your Super Fans

I recently moved and to say that I handled it in an organized and productive process would be grossly inaccurate. Instead, I alternated between running around in a Dr.Pepper-infused panic attack, stuffing things furiously into garbage bags and boxes AND curling into a ball on my bed and taking three hour naps.

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A Rolodex of Author Services

The longer you’re in this industry, the bigger your author Rolodex grows. We took a peek at Alessandra Torre’s (our co-founder!) list and grabbed the top 15 most frequently used items to share with you.

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5 Facebook Groups for Authors

While writing, researching, publishing and marketing a book… you’re going to have questions. Internet searches can often help you find some answers, but there are some fantastic resources that you should bookmark for common authorly woes. In this blog post, we will explore one specific area of the cyber universe: Facebook. Don’t groan! While Facebook can be a sea of distractions, Facebook groups are a treasure trove of networking and information opportunities. Here are 5 groups worth joining:

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