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5 Facebook Groups for Authors


While writing, researching, publishing and marketing a book… you’re going to have questions. Internet searches can often help you find some answers, but there are some fantastic resources that you should bookmark for common authorly woes. In this blog post, we will explore one specific area of the cyber universe: Facebook. Don’t groan! While Facebook can be a sea of distractions, Facebook groups are a treasure trove of networking and information opportunities. Here are 5 groups worth joining:

Legal Fiction (Facebook Group)

Legal Fiction is your resource for finding information about attorneys, the law, and the courtroom for your characters, plot, and scenarios. It’s hosted by attorney/author/editor at Twitching Pen Editing Jennifer Severino.

Trauma Fiction (Facebook Group)

Trauma Fiction is an author’s resource for finding medical, trauma and illness information for your characters, plot and scenarios. It’s hosted by Emergency Medical Technician veteran and author Elizabeth Otto.

Alessandra Torre Inkers (Facebook Group)

With almost 20,000 members, this group is a great resource for authors seeking for networking, advice, or industry updates. The group’s database of posts is one of its biggest strengths – join the group and then search the posts for any topic that you’re looking for information on.

Wide for the Win (Facebook Group)

If you’re an author who is widely distributed (not in KDP Select) and looking to grow your sales and readership on non-Amazon retailers, this group is a fantastic resource and opportunity to talk shop.

A Niche Facebook Group that fits you…

As a final group to join, I urge you to search for Facebook groups of local authors (ie: Key West Authors) and also whatever subgenre you write in (ie: Military Sci-Fi Authors). Joining a small community that is specific to your location and/or your subgenre can be a great way to form friendships, find events, and get information specific to you.

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