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A Rolodex of Author Services

The longer you’re in this industry, the bigger your author Rolodex grows. We took a peek at Alessandra Torre’s (our co-founder!) list and grabbed the top 7 most frequently used items to share with you.

If you need to:

ask legal, copyright, or contract questions: The Authors Guild offers a wealth of services for their members including contract reviews; publishing industry updates and advice; legal advice and forms, webinars, and more.

publish your ebook on multiple e-retailers at once: Draft2Digital is a fantastic publishing platform and has a clean and easy interface.

get your paperback found and available to bookstores: Bookstores order through Ingram, and IngramSpark is built for indie authors to distribute through. FYI, you will have to order an ISBN through Bowker.

get an inexpensive premade: The Book Cover Designer has over 15,000 premade covers across every fiction genre. Their prices are great and I’ve ordered from them before and had a great customer service experience.

find a stock image for a cover, teaser, or social media post: DepositPhotos is my favorite in terms of really inexpensive packages (I normally buy 50-100 at a time, for about $1 each, just watch their site closely for sales). When I have a higher-quality need, I’ll look at Getty Images.

remove your books from piracy sites: Page Angels is a company that knows piracy sites in and out and hunts your ebooks down like it’s their full-time job (oh wait! it is!).

auto-post and schedule posts to social media: There are a lot of sites that do this (Hootsuite is a common choice) but I like Smarter Queue. It lets you organize your posts by categories, and reposts evergreen content on a steady basis, so you can create a pile of content and then forget about it.

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