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Do Author Blurbs Create Sales?

  1. Reach out early. Ideally, you’d give an author at least a month to read your book.
  2. Cast a WIDE net. I’d suggest reaching out to 20 high-profile authors, 20 mid-level authors, and 20 lesser-known authors.
  3. Attach the ebook file to the email, so they can access and read it as easily as possible.
  4. Offer to mail them a paperback.
  5. Include everything they need to make their decision in your email (the book description, length, is it in a series, genre, etc).
  6. Don’t be afraid to follow up and be persistent. If they don’t respond after 2-3 reach-outs, cross them off the list. But if they do respond and accept the book, send them a polite reminder(s) as your deadline and release approaches.
  7. Give them some helpful hints. In your follow-up and reminder emails, it’s nice to help them along and give them some content they can use for inspiration. You can include a list of review snippets from bloggers that you already have, or provide some keywords they can use in their blurb.
  8. Send a follow-up “thank you” on release day. Don’t ask them to share the release, but thank them for taking the time to read and blurb it, and say how proud you are of their review quote.