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Gifts for Authors

Writers aren’t the easiest people to shop for. We rarely go out in public. We mumble a lot. Curse at fictional characters. But we do LOVE thoughtful little gifts that remind us that there is a world out there, full of people who love us, and who are willing to overlook our idiosyncrasies.

Let’s dive into 19 gifts that every author secretly wants…

Items for their Writing Space:

It’s easier to create worlds when we have a creative space. This doesn’t have to be a dedicated office, or a cozy room, lined with bookcases and set off with a crackling fire. Our space could be a seat in the subway, or a Starbucks table, a bedroom, or that old recliner that squats next to the couch.

Wherever the space is, your writer might be craving the following touches to make it a more productive, cozy, or creative environment.

Items for their Writing Space:

I love this poster (at right), but you can find a ton of great options here.

A super cozy and inviting throw.

We spend long hours hunched over a computer or reading the latest draft of our novel. A luxurious throw can make those hours so much more enjoyable, and this one is a steal for under twenty dollars.

Calming and mood-creating smells.

I love Scentsy products – there is no danger of fire, and the candle warmers fill the room with perfect set-the-mood light, whether it’s a love scene or murder being described.

A Cork or White Board.

I have both, and love them both for different reasons. I highly suggest this combo board that can fill both needs, and fits well in small or big areas! Don’t underestimate how valuable, or appreciated, this gift would be.

A Great Set of Headphones.

We often need to write in distracting and nosy spaces. These Bose headphones are MY favorite escape, they are super comfortable and provide great sound.

Something to Further Their Career:

A Ticket to an Author Conference.

For a serious author, spoil them with a trip to an author conference – like Inkers Con in Dallas, Texas! Or, for a more budget-friendly option, gift them with digital access to the conference!

A Momento of Their Accomplishments:

Writing a book is a HUGE accomplishment and one that often gets brushed to the side without much fanfare. Show the writer in your life how proud you are of them with one of the following gifts.

Custom Sheets or Duvet Set with words from their book.

Shutterfly can take your image (just cut/paste a section of the manuscript into PicMonkey, put it in a script font, and save it as a high-resolution jpg) and put it on sheets, pillowcases, or a duvet cover. Ask them what their favorite scene or quotes are, or use the first chapters of the book. Another easy way to find popular quotes from their novel is to search for their author name or book title here.

Frame their paperback, a five-star review, awards, or bestseller list.

Take a paperback of their novel to a frame shop and see what options they have. Go the extra mile and pull lines from positive reviews, or one-liner quotes from the book.

Fun Gifts:

Future Bestselling Author T-Shirt.

We need to know that others believe in us. It gives us confidence, strength, and motivation.

This T-shirt is comfortable, stylish, and motivating.

From the mind of… INSERT AUTHOR NAME stamp.

This Etsy shop does a variety of stamps, but you could also score one locally at a print shop. It’s an easy custom gift that any author could use on their notebooks, at signings, and on notes, stationery, and more.

A Carry-All Tote.

I like this one since it is writer-themed, plus the perfect size to hold a laptop, notebook, headphones, and charger cord.

Tools of the Craft:


Any writer, fiction or non, successful or aspiring, can use a blank pad and good pen. I love these inexpensive ones but you can also spoil the writer in your life with a monogrammed leather journal like this one.

Writing Instruments.

For the serious writer, a box of nice pens is always appreciated. For the more artsy sort, Sharpies are a favorite. Don’t spend the big bucks on a fancy Cross pen – chances are that we’ll lose it before we find our way into the next chapter. Organization isn’t typically a creative mind’s strong suit, though there are certainly exceptions.

Writing Gloves.

I’d never heard of these, but after I heard a dozen writers recommend them, I had to hunt down a pair. I love these from Storyiart – they keep your hands and arms warm, and help keep watches/jewelry from hitting the keyboard as you work on creating magic.

For the Busy Writer:

A subscription to a grocery delivery service.

Instacart is my favorite, but check to make sure that they service your town. For $10 a month, I can have food, snacks, toilet paper, or just about anything delivered to my front door in hours. It has given me three to four more hours of production each week – which could equal an extra book by the end of the year!

A coupon book.

Honestly, this is best gift on this list, but easiest to deliver if you have a significant other. When we are under deadline, or struck by inspiration, the most frustrating thing can be daily obligations. Create a coupon book giving them two hours of uninterrupted time. Four meals that you prepare (or order in!) and clean up after. Two weeks of laundry service. A weekend of nothing but writing time. Quiet, uninterrupted time… I’m getting chills just typing those words – it’s solid gold and will be snatched up with eager hands.

For their Aches & Pains:

Writing is a painful job. You wouldn’t think it, but between pinched nerves, carpal tunnel, and back pain – writing can wreak havoc on a body. Here are a few instruments to help us feel a lot better.

Wrist Cushions.

These small gel pads stick to a laptop surface and can ward off cramped, arthritic hands. They are worth their weight in gold and are less than ten bucks!

Pressure Point Reliever.

If your writer has ever asked you to press on their shoulder blades or rub up against corners in an attempt to work out a stiff knot – they need this tool. It will reach and relieve all of their pressure point worries, and is way cheaper than a trip to a masseuse!

Massage Gift Certificate.

It’s luxurious, over the top, and OH SO appreciated! Give them sixty minutes of pure bliss in a gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

Got any great ideas that I missed? Please share them with me! Also, if you’d like to drop a subtle hint to those loved ones in your life, please share this post on social media (links below), or via email!