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Help! I’m looking for a _____________!

Are you looking to hire a cover designer, editor, beta reader, book formatter, or something else? We often get emails from authors who wanting to find someone who ________________ (fill in the blank).

While we’ve worked with a lot of freelancers, someone perfect for us might not be a good fit for you, based on several factors.

So, here’s a secret portal to inexpensive, timely and talented experts in almost every aspect of authordom… Fiverr.

If you haven’t used Fiverr before, it allows you to hire affordable freelancers in a protected environment that holds the freelancer accountable through delivery.

Fiverr offers professionals in:

  • graphics design (teasers, ad images, bookmarks, banners, swag, logos)
  • video design (book trailers, tiktok/instagram videos or reels)
  • cover design (most packages offer ebook, paperback and audiobook)
  • formatting (interior ebook and paperback formatting)
  • editorial (beta reading, proofreading and editing (line, copy, or developmental))
  • and more! Almost anything you can think of or need.

When searching for freelancers:

  • Be detailed in your search query. For example: “beta reader cozy mystery novel”
  • Carefully review what is included. In each listing there should be a clear itemization of what you’re getting and the timeframe for delivery
  • Read the reviews. Pick freelancers with a high number of reviews and read some of them.
  • If in doubt, reach out. Prior to hiring, ask the freelancer questions to help solidify your decision and clear up any confusion.

Here’s a snapshot of a cover designer’s page and some things to focus on:

Fiverr has a lot of top level categories, like Beta Readers and Cover Design – but remember my tips! In a lot of areas, the more specific you are with your search query, the better. For jobs like cover design, beta reading, and editing – it’s important to find an expert who focuses on your genre. For jobs like formatting – non-fiction versus fiction can make a big difference, especially if your book has a lot of images in it.

I hope this helps! Please consider bookmarking this page to help with your future needs.

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