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Using Paid Newsletters to Promote Your Book


When I have a book release or sale, my quickest and easiest sales come from an email blast that I send to all of my readers.

Emails do a fantastic job of generating sales, and this is typically because email lists are highly segmented groups of customers that have shown an interest in purchasing books. Email subscribers are one of the warmest audiences you can touch… IF you have your own list.

But what if you don’t have a large subscriber list? Or what if you want to reach new readers, outside of the audience you’ve already grown?

This is where outside email marketing comes into play, and you can reach other readers through:

Newsletter swaps

Often used for lead-generation swaps, this strategy can also be used to promote new releases or sales. This is where you coordinate with other authors and agree that they will send your book info to their newsletter subscribers and you will do the same for them.

I highly suggest, if you’re looking for newsletter swaps, using BookFunnel’s search/connection tool.

The BookFunnel tool allows you to find other authors in your genre, see their list size, and their average number of swap downloads. There are hundreds of authors listed there, and you can post your own listing. This tool is available for any BookFunnel paid user, even on the First Time Author Plan. View their very inexpensive plans/pricing here.

Paid newsletter promotions

Paid newsletter opportunities come in all price points, targets, and sizes. Look for an opportunity that fits your budget and audience. Here are some newsletter promotion companies for your consideration:

BookBub No surprise here, this is one of the most popular options for authors, but there is a lot of competition for spots, so don’t be afraid to apply often and don’t give up if you are rejected multiple times. BookBub has over a million subscribers and tons of niche genres, check out their options and pricing here.

My Romance Reads With options for freebies, 99¢ and box set sales – this company offers a more affordable way to promote your discounted titles through their website, email blasts, and social media. They can accommodate KU and wide titles and have a focused romance-reader audience. Also, save 25% off your first promotion with the code INKERSCON25.

FreeBooksy and Bargain Booksy Another email promotions company that offers a wide range of fiction and non-fiction genres to help promote discounted titles – and options for both wide and KU books.


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