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Want to sell paperbacks directly to readers?

Some authors are killing it with direct sales (we’ll report more on this soon!) but if you aren’t ready to jump into that deep end, and just want a simple way to provide signed paperbacks to readers… we wanted to share Alessandra Torre’s method.

Twice a year, Alessandra opens up a book order form that allows readers to purchase signed paperbacks directly from her. She used to have a shop on her website, but needed to find an easier solution – one that would sync with her PayPal Shipping platform and provide a professional and easy website for readers to use. She also didn’t want to have a year-round shop open, she only wanted to provide books when she was in a position to fill the orders.

This video gives you a tour of her book order solution, how it seamlessly ties into label printing, and how you can create your own – and be taking signed paperback orders within the hour!

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We hope this helps! We’re looking more into direct sales and will have another blog post on that topic soon.

P.S. The upcoming Inkers Con 2024 conference offers dozens of brand new classes (including “Mastering Direct Sales on Shopify”), Q&As, author discussions and more! Join us in Dallas or online!